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How to become a freelance copywriter with no experience, samples, or clients

Get a roadmap to find high-paying clients, work on projects you love, and gain the freedom to live your life on your terms.

Do you dream of working on the beach with your laptop?

If you’ve been wondering how to become a freelance copywriter without samples, clients, or any experience, this is the best page you’ll read all day.

Being a freelance writer certainly sounds like the job of your dreams.

You come to work from home or at cafes …

You can set your own opening hours …

And you can earn a doctor’s salary by calling the keyboards all day.

Compared to the normal office world of office policy, hours stuck in traffic are stuck in a chain …

Becoming a freelance copywriter can be a dream come true.

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You have minefield challenges that need to be gone through to make your dream come true.

If you have no office experience, no samples, or previous clients, some of the challenges you face are:

If you can’t overcome any of these challenges, your freelance copywriter dream may be gone.

Then you can face a terrible day when you have to swallow your pride and start looking for J.O.B.

Sure, they can teach mechanics.

But they don’t explain how to address the challenges that determine whether a copywriting company resides with critics in the first six months.

Even then, many novice copywriters struggle for years to win their promise of extra salary exams.

As many as two-thirds of new businesses fail in six years.

Nearly half do not earn enough money to continue operating for the first year.

Great writing skills are useless when you don’t understand the business side of how to become a freelance copywriter.

The reason I know all this is because I learned how to become a freelance copywriter in a HARD way.

My name is Matt Ambrose.

Today, I am happy to say that I am now a highly hired scientific copywriter.

But that was not always the case.

Before I started writing copywriting in 2006, I had a soul-sucking company. The work he hated, but only paid to pay the bills.

Every week it felt like he was tilting a rock uphill, just to see it fall to the bottom on Monday morning.

And in the world of office politics, moving and having to sit at the right table at lunchtime and talk to the right people drove me nuts.

I just wanted to write letters and emails all day. And he desperately tried to find a way to do it without office life.

The good news is that I made a significant discovery.

In one job search, I found this strange-sounding profession called copywriting.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter without Experience
How to Become a Freelance Copywriter without Experience

A few Google searches later, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading …

Companies are PACKAGING people to write their emails, websites, and blog posts.

My boiling enthusiasm exploded when I saw HOW MUCH.

It was as if I had noticed that a new world of possibilities had opened up before me.

And the world he knew desperately was crashing as fast as possible.

Although I had a bachelor’s degree in English and history and lots of positive comments about my “clear” writing style, I didn’t have the slightest experience as a copywriter.

I had to find a way to make my dream of becoming a copywriter.

So I was happy to start building copies.

I spent six months researching everything I found in copywriting …

I bought all the Amazon books (which were not half as much as now) …

Created a portfolio of self-made press releases, articles, and brochures …

And I improvised a basic website in Dreamweaver (WordPress was purely for blogging cats at the time).

But writing (albeit basic) skills for companies was one thing.

Finding companies willing and able to pay for my services was something else.

If I had known what I know now, I would have thought twice before I left my business so anxiously.

I struggled for YEARS until I was profitable.

Many times I woke up at 3 and started to panic about where the next project and salary would come from …

And if my friends had been right all along, “no one will pay you to write for them.”

Should I swallow my pride, admit defeat, and go back to boring office work and a monthly salary?

I desperately wanted someone to guide me in what to do …

how to find quality customers …

how do I get what I deserve …

and how to ensure that projects come constantly without endless cold emails and marketing office secretaries closing it down.

But I managed to find enough work to continue.

Sure, I kept making a lot of mistakes.

Mistakes that often cost me a lot of money when I charge less, I lose projects and you didn’t solve the things the client wanted right.

But I shared the suction of dust … by learning from them … and fighting the path I chose.

Well, I’m glad to say that all the pain and struggle were worth it.

Because for me

The dream of freelance writing is NOW true.

Now I can download:

(Earnings Disclaimer: You should not expect to earn this amount for a LONG time in your career. Earning requires years of training, practice, and getting results.)

Not only that but I could:

– Grow customer list of more than 100 companies, including major B2B brands such as Siemens, Technicolor, Deutsche Post, and Sage

– Passed exam to write to Clayton Makepeace (one of the most successful copywriters in the world).

-Invitation to appear on Copy Chief Radio, the Just Add Hustle podcast, and an interview in the series at Greatest Living Copywriters.

So I’m happy to say that all the stress, the horrors of the night, and the struggles were worth it.

Even better, now I can travel around the world and work anywhere …

enjoy what older laptop nomads call the “international lifestyle.”

So far, I’ve lived in Malta, Chiang Mai, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Lisbon, the Canary Islands, and Kuala Lumpur … just to name a few.

But the only reason this became possible was that I was able to overcome all the challenges of the critical early years in starting a new freelance copywriter business.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through the same struggles as I do.

You don’t have to deal with expensive trials and errors …

Fear of not knowing where to find your next customer …

Or frustration when you find that you’ve downloaded a lot less than you deserve.

Because I’ve written everything I found along the way, and I’ve put it together as a practical guide.

Interestingly, it is called …

How to become a freelance copywriter without experience

With over 108 pages, it reveals all the tactics, strategies, and insights I have developed since starting my own career as a freelance copywriter from scratch.

This includes:
  • Where to find clients who will pay you a reasonable reward for your skills (instead of fighting for struggle salaries on independent bidding sites)
  • How to quickly develop copy skills that customers will enthusiastically pay you for (when you haven’t written a press release, email, or marketing articles in your life yet, let alone a high-converting sales letter)
  • How to create portfolio samples with customers online to hire you (while earning enough money to keep yourself in the top 6 critical months)
  • An easy way to create a professional-looking website that reflects the quality of your writing (without spending a fortune on a web developer or having to learn to code)
  • How to turn small projects into long-term customers who will hire you for months or even years (while saving endless search time)
  • How to make suggestions that will pick you before a bunch of other hungry copywriters your client has reached (and make sure they hire you based on VALUE and not the lowest price)
  • What to do to avoid cheating sharks who love to hire beginners and then disappear without paying
    Quick start tips for writing emails, landing pages, sales letters, and more (so you can be open to businesses as quickly as possible).
  • What is charged to get paid for what you are worth, and don’t fight for the change of small clients
  • who don’t value or respect your work?
  • How to maximize your chances of being profitable in the first few months before your “reserves” run out
  • A tactical way to raise prices (so your current customers are not only happy to pay but wonder why it took so long)
  • Project management tips to help you be the “adult in the room” your customers are looking for and become more valuable than just a word maker.

That’s the same advice I’ve given to college graduates, former journalists, and even other copywriters to pursue their careers as copywriters.

However, more than that, it is designed …

Give me a roadmap to avoid all the traps I’ve fallen into

while you get tips that will accelerate the growth of your skills … Blow up your clientele … and open your money hose so fast that it can be profitable in weeks, not months or years.

Hell, he reveals so many trade secrets that he might create competition for me.

But there are millions of companies that need our services and a lot of work for everyone.

Get all this insider information at a fraction of what you charge personally

When you look at the years that took me to get all the information in my guide …

the weeks I spent working on how to start a freelance copywriter business without experience …

and the fact that it has the potential to speed up your progress as you make big money …

That’s what you charge for a 30-minute consultation.

However, you will get TONS more information than you could cover during that time.

As you consider how your pricing advice … getting paid … and finding well-paying customers could bring you thousands in the first year …

However, I will make this investment in your skills and knowledge even more valuable to you.

Because this page asks how to start a freelance copywriting business without experience, you get …

4 FREE bonuses for each guide copy “How to Become a Freelance Copywriter”

Text Design Consulting Package – $ 37

Get the 3 VITAL documents that every copywriter needs: a project agreement whose terms provide you with legal protection, a new customer deployment process, and a customer survey to determine the scope of new projects.

Copywriter’s Crucible Big $ 33- $ 37

Get 33 top posts from my award-winning blog on more advanced topics such as positioning, professional thinking, and insider tactics to get customers a higher return.

47 Elite Email Marketing Tips – $ 17 Value

Email may be old, but it is still an Internet marketing workhorse. Skilled marketers also know that including customers in an email list is essential to prevent their social media account from closing. In this report, you’ll get the 47 best email marketing tips and strategies, so you can start offering email marketing services to your customers right away.

7 Steps to Creating Quality Content – $ 17 Value

Marketing can be like dating. Some opportunities are eager to buy as soon as you make an offer. Others need to be bent on content that develops the relationship over time. In this report, you’ll get a seven-step strategy for creating unique, engaging content that converts more leads into buyers.

When you add bonuses (Quick Tip, this is called “value accumulation”), they are $ 108.

This adds to the overall value of starting a freelance copywriter business without experience:

$ 208

But I know that when you start you don’t have a lot of money to throw away.

And I want to make it about how to start a freelance copywriter business without experience so that as many new beginners as possible can avoid the difficulties I’ve been experiencing.

So just from this page, you will get how to become a freelance copywriter inexperienced and 4 bonuses for a small one-time …

$208 > $27

That’s right.

Just $27.


Just a fraction of the total value of the package and the amount you can get back within the first month of putting the advice into practice.

Get the Fast Track to Success for $27

This reader had to say about it.

“Since I have good copywriting knowledge in the market, I checked this. If the Warrior Forum’s copywriting style is very nauseous, cheese, boring, cliché, painted with numbers, using the same patterns with slightly different wording, like “Who else wants their own vending machine that works on autopilot while drinking? Beer Watching the game …”, or “This is how you get your share of Facebook

Money Pie Before Making Your Competition “doesn’t turn your stomach like me, and you want to repeat the same stupid pattern in your marketing, then this book is for you.

If you want to write a sophisticated, misleading, and slender persuasive copy that does everything you need to sell but keeps your credibility and integrity intact, you probably can’t do much better than this guide, which thankfully stumbles. . I’ve looked at many of the best copywriting courses lately, and this reflects them all.

In the Warrior forum, the maximum is sure that the hype is selling. And for the idiots out there (and some here) who consume those things relentlessly, it does. But in B2B, it only shuts down your readers. This book covers the basics perfectly but offers a short and logical form to provide a good solid structure. “- underground906

Double your investment in 60 days or get your money back

Does $ 27 sound like a guide that can pay itself for multiple pricing advice and a mere charge?

Or are you still unsure?

If so, what about downloading the guide and all its bonuses and see what you think?

So if you are not 100% satisfied, I will give you a FULL REFUND.

Because How to Become a Freelance Copywriter Inexperienced comes with a 60-day 100% risk-free guarantee.

This means that if you’re not impressed with the quality of the content … it doesn’t answer your questions … or it doesn’t help speed up your success, you can get a full refund.

All you have to do is contact the Clickbank customer support team via the link on the receipt. They will then refund your purchase in full. No awkward questions or obstacles to overcome.

It is important to me that you can try how to become a freelance copywriter with no experience.

And if that doesn’t help your career progress, I’d rather you return your money to invest in other resources, and we can be a part of friends.

Get Your Risk Free Copy for $27 Right Now

Get a better startup disk for freelance copywriting success

Let’s take a quick look at what we’ve been dealing with …

If you are just starting your freelance career, you have minefield challenges that need to be overcome.

You need to know how to create a portfolio that will convince clients to hire you …

You need to know how to find well-paying customers so you can avoid operating fees on independent bidding sites …

And you need to make sure you get paid what you deserve so you don’t become victims of sharks who love to eat newcomer copywriters.

If you can’t solve these challenges, your freelance dream may soon turn into a nightmare.

But you don’t have to go through a painful process to learn from the mistakes you make.

Best SEO Link Building Software

Becoming an inexperienced freelance copywriter will give you all the answers at your fingertips

Eliminate the confusion of creating proposals … know where to find customers and how to get them to hire you … and rubber stamps that will cost you what you’re worth.

In fact, his advice on pricing, how to turn individual projects into five-digit advances, and advice on writing emails, websites, and sales letters are worth hundreds of dollars alone.

And without the stress, sleepless nights, and costly mistakes that I cook.

Also, keep in mind that your investment is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So, what do you say?

Do we have a deal?

Yes, Let’s Do This!

PS Guide How to become an inexperienced freelance copywriter reveals all my inner secrets to starting a profitable freelance copywriter business without a portfolio, clients, or even a website.

It’s full of all the tactics, strategies, and processes I’ve used to grow my copywriting business to the point where I can work on my laptop and travel around the world at the same time.

It has already helped accelerate the advancement of hundreds of beginners struggling to become professionally cunning, hired copywriters.

If it doesn’t help you grow your career in the first 60 days, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

Frequently asked Questions

Will the advice in this book help me?

Becoming an inexperienced freelance copywriter includes the same advice you would have wanted when you started. It’s also the same advice I’ve given to recent graduates, former journalists, and many others who have contacted me for advice to get started.

Instead of repeating the same advice over and over again, I decided to put it all together in this report.

Who is this book for?

Becoming an inexperienced freelance copywriter answers all the questions and challenges I faced when starting a freelance business.

Sure, a new tactic for finding customers and what to charge comes and will. But I think the information on pricing, search, proposal, charge, and more on How to Become an Inexperienced Freelance Copywriter is a test of time.

But I don’t recommend how to become an inexperienced freelance copywriter if you’re looking for advice to improve your skills.

While it includes a basic guide to writing articles, sales letters, and more, its focus is on the copywriting business side. So if you’re looking for tips to improve your copywriting skills, I recommend many courses instead. This includes Copyhour, John Carlton’s simple writing system, and AWAI’s six-digit copywriting course

What if I don’t find it useful? Can I get my money back?

It is important to me that you try how to become a freelance copywriter inexperienced. So if you’re not impressed with the quality of the content, it doesn’t help you advance your career or you just don’t like the form, contact the Clickbank customer support team and they will refund the full amount.

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